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Magic Eden 轉為自選版稅,引發兩極爭議;算法藝術 QQL 交易量暴增 540%

By Karen Lo —— 2022-10-18
32 share / 3.9k views


繼 NFT 交易平台 X2Y2 在 8 月推出版稅自選功能後,Solana 生態 NFT 市場 Magic Eden 在 15 日也宣布啟用版稅自選功能,不過卻引發正反兩極的議論。而算法生成藝術項目 QQL 在禁止 NFT 持有者於 X2Y2 等可免除版稅的 NFT 交易平台交易後,其交易活動仍相當活躍。


Magic Eden 宣布啟用版稅自選功能

Solana 生態 NFT 市場 Magic Eden 在 15 日發布公告,宣布啟用版稅自選功能,NFT 買家現在能夠自行決定,在從該平台購買 NFT 時,希望向創作者支付多少版稅,目前開放 3 種版稅百分比設置,包括全額版稅、一半版稅或無版稅。

Magic Eden 版稅自選設置示意圖。Source:Magic Eden

針對版稅自選功能,Magic Eden 發推介紹道:
「可選版稅將如何運作? 我們諮詢了交易者和創作者,得出以下交易經驗:
– 支付多少版稅的決定,將交由買方抉擇
– 默認情況下,所有收藏 / 上架品都將支付全額版稅


Source: [email protected]

不過在 Magic Eden 開放版稅自選功能後,卻遭遇 NFT 社群正反兩極的評價,支持者認為,此舉有利產業長期健康發展,但批評人士抨擊,不給創作者版稅就類似於「盜竊」。

給予正面評價的知名 NFT 藝術家 Beeple 表示:「雖然我顯然支持版稅,且不喜歡 Magic Eden 和其他平台正在做的事情,但我確實認為他們做出一個關鍵改變…從賣家手續費,變成買家可享有的額外補貼,我認為長期來看,這實際上是更可持續的。」

Source: Twitter @beeple 

不過反對方、NFT 項目 Broccoli DAO 則發布一系列推文主張,在一個不成熟的生態系中,版稅是必要的,Broccoli DAO指出,根據計算,由於在其他市場上購買 NFT 的支付版稅為 0% ,已導致該項目損失高達 2 .7 萬美元的版稅。

Broccoli DAO 表示,Magic Eden 啟用版稅自選功能後,恐會扼殺該項目,因為該項目依賴版稅來支付團隊工資的一部份,因此,該項目己採取積極措施應對,包括將在未來阻止任何未支付版稅的人訪問官方 Discord 群組,因為「不支付版稅就是盜竊」。


QQL 交易仍活躍

另外,儘管在上月剛完成首發募資的算法生成藝術項目 QQL ,利用智能合約引進黑名單功能,禁止 NFT 持有者在 X2Y2 等可免除版稅的 NFT 交易平台交易,讓 X2Y2 相當不滿,批評此舉為版稅以及 NFT 市場帶來了不良影響,但如今 QQL 交易仍相當火熱。

OpenSea 數據顯示,允許持有者可創建 QQL 官方認證 NFT 的 QQL Mint Pass 系列 NFT ,地板價達攀升至 16.5 顆以太幣,近 24 小時交易額達 104 顆以太幣,近 24 小時交易額增幅高達 552%,交易額高居 OpenSea 第 9。


對此,DigiDaigaku 執行長 Gabriel Leydon 表示:「QQL 在封殺 X2Y2 下取得成功,是對所有免版稅 NFT 交易所的致命打擊。這些交易所違背了他們的社會契約,QQL 只是將協議轉移至他們可執行的智能合約中。」

Source: Twitter @gabrielleydon 

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    The world of concentrates is ever expanding. If you’ve seen our blog, you’d know that there are just as many methods of consuming concentrates as there are concentrates themselves. The variety and terminology can be daunting, even to hardened veterans, but that’s where we come in! The trained staff of all of our dispensaries are well-prepped to answer any questions or queries you may have! At our pot shop, there’s no such thing as a stupid question – and your curiosity will be greatly rewarded. As we saw earlier, there are many different types of cannabis concentrates. Therefore, it makes sense that there are many different methods to create each one. From using heat, pressure, alcohol or butane, making cannabis concentrates can be a dangerous thing to do. This is why it is never recommended that you try this at home unless you know what you are doing.

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    Crooks therefore opted to go for Luke Shaw as the central defender in a back-three as part of his Premier League team of the week. Writing in his column for BBC Sport, Garth Crooks was quoted as saying the following: Transfer guru Fabrizio Romano has confirmed a deal has now been given the green light with a medical and final contract talks scheduled for tomorrow. Stats from BBC Sport: In a statement on Wednesday the BBC said: “We’ve received some complaints from those unhappy that the classified football results will no longer be read out on Saturdays within the Sports Report programme on Radio 5 Live. Gary Lineker angered Match of the Day viewers on Saturday night with a tongue-in-cheek reference to the BBC’s decision to axe the classified football results.
    “While each piece of art has a different theme, they are unified in celebrating the club’s rich history, community values and its relentless pursuit of progress. The project has only been possible thanks to the contribution of more than 100 supporters, legends and their families and a number of club staff. It began with a blank canvas and harnessed the passion, love and knowledge of the Arsenal community across the world to create art that would express the pride they have in their club. Now, with Arsenal inching towards a top-four finish and Juventus in off-the-pitch trouble, the landscape has changed drastically. Sporting Events Outside the Emirates, plaques inscribed with fans’ messages is part of the “Arsenalisation” of the club’s new home.

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